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Where are the deals?

Florida follows national market trends that flow from Seller’s market to Buyer’s market and back again.  When it’s a Buyer’s market, finding deals in the multiple listing service is easy and profitable. In a Seller’s market, “for sale” inventory shrinks making it difficult for real estate investors who depend only on listed properties. But experienced real estate investors can earn in up or down markets and the key is finding Sellers ready to sell.   

Rest assured, this cycle of Sellers being in charge followed by a Buyer’s market has occurred over and over. It will happen many times during your real estate investing career. 

So what’s a real estate investor to do?

We will show you how we find Sellers in our business. Here’s what you’ll get from Partner Systems:

That last one is really a loaded bullet but it is the key to investor success regardless of the inventory of for sale properties. Of course, the easiest way to profit, whether you’re buying and holding, buying and rehabbing or selling to other investors (wholesaling) is to buy a property that’s already for sale. 

Investor tools you’ll need

We run our business using many free and paid sources. When searching for available properties, comparable sales, comparable properties actively for sale, evaluating rentals AND short-term rentals we use REIFax.com. REIFax speeds the process of valuation and offering using multiple functions in one system, something many investors today lack. REIFax Professional Dialer features powerful tools that will save you time and money:

Once your offer calculation is complete, sending your signed offer, with addendums and attachments, takes only seconds. Your offers must be timely and competitive but they must indicate a profit from the start. No other source, we think, puts it all together like REIFax.  A REIFax subscription is essential to your training. It’s impossible to list here the myriad of features useful to investors.

Most counties in Florida provide robust search features within their public access websites.  REIFax offers helpful links to some of the key information you’ll need for further research. For example, if a property is in foreclosure, you’ll see information in REIFax’s property record with the case number, parties to the case and an amount of debt! Often, a link appears that displays the Lis Pendens document filed in the court docket. If property taxes are delinquent, you can use a link to take you directly to the tax information on the county’s site. For probates: the case information appears at the property detail level complete with personal representative name and attorney name. No need to buy a separate list!

What you can find through Public Record and REIFax is limited only by your knowledge and imagination. Think about that for a moment. It could open up investment niches you might not have considered along with “for sale” properties. We learn new things all the time that improve our business and you can, too!

Your Experience with the Partner System:

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  • Live Orientation Meeting.
  • Partner Systems Handbook - Finding Yourself in Real Estate
  • Bonus e-book, Flipped Out! Flip while you work at a job.
  • Joint Venture Forms.
  • Joint Venture With Us On Wholesale Deals. (REIFAX Pro Dialer Required)
  • Assistance Setting Up Your REIFax Subscription With A Discount.
  • Discount On Real Estate Forms (for non-Realtors.)
  • Offer Training Using REIFax.
  • Six Months of Email and Chat With Coaches.
  • Access to Title Agents Participating In Our Escrow Program.
  • Access to Lenders For Your Rehab and Flip Deals.
  • Finding Listed and Off Market Deals.
  • Complimentary Entrance to Live DREIA Main Meetings For 6 Months.
  • Two Payment Options: 2 Easy Payments or a Discount For Payment In Full.
  • Low-cost Program Extension Option.

Tools You’ll Need: 

  • An Escrow Deposit. This will be retained by the closing agent and it’s your money.  It shows Sellers you’re ready to do business which is why it’s often called an earnest money deposit.
  • Discounted REIFax Subscription. DREIA Partner System subscribers get a customized offer calculation module, access to searches we use in our business and common terms we use when preparing offers. These enhancements are only available to DREIA Partner System participants.
  • Access to FAR BAR Purchase and Sale Agreements. Non-licensees can lease the commonly used forms in South Florida so your offer doesn’t raise any red flags with Sellers or their counsel. 
  • Internet Access and Computer.  A printer is also useful.
  • Time To Make Offers and Follow Up.
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DREIA offers resources to anyone who is serious about growing their real estate investment expertise. Our membership includes full-time and part-time investors, beginning investors, real estate brokers and agents, business associates, attorneys, accountants, property managers, contractors, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers, and people just like you who want to earn better returns on their time and investments starting today.